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Unlocking Your Brand's Amazing Potential with Strategic Amazon Management.

The risk-free, high-growth ecommerce accelerator model that allows you to scale.

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Our Model:

A tailored solution to boost your brand.

We buy what we sell. 

We own our inventory, ship to Amazon FBA, and continuously monitor inventory levels to ensure availability and avoid outages that damage product ranking. We optimize your listings to maximize  keyword performance. 

We take Control

We enroll your trademark in Amazon's Brand Registry and take advantage of all tools available to help boost your presence including Sponsored Advertising, A+ Content and Brand Store design. We handle all customer service and protect your brand from unauthorized sellers.

Advertise and grow brands

Develop and deploy comprehensive advertising strategies focused on customer acquisition, brand protection, and defensive cross-selling campaigns. Analyze data to continuously  develop new variations, optimize legacy-products, and grow market share and revenue.



Our Amazing Approach

Amazing Brands Group is your risk-free ticket to exponential growth on ecommerce marketplaces. We're not just another service provider, we're your dedicated marketplace partner. We expand your brand's presence on platforms like Amazon and eBay without  investing a dime or worrying about managing inventory. With Amazing Brands Group, we invest and you scale. It's that simple.

Our focus is to protect your brand, optimize your content with data-driven insights, and create strategic advertising campaigns that increase your brand's market share and keyword ranking.


From market research to Logistic support, we have the expertise to help your brand  succeed on ecommerce markletplaces. Let us be your partner in growth and success.

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Proven Growth Process


Content Optimization


Catalog Development








24/7 Brand Protection and Customer Service



"Partnering with Amazing Brands Group allowed us to reallocate our assets and invest in our brand growth. Leave the Amazon complexity to the experts."
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